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After many years of preaching the importance of fitness for rider as well as horse I found an additional and very important component to true balanced fitness-Pilates. In 1994 I first experienced a week of Pilates prior to a major competition and was astounded in the difference that it made in my riding. Being undaunted by the fact that it was not offered anywhere in Virginia I decided to spend the next year in certification in Dallas,TX.

It was at the Oasis Physical Conditioning Center where owner, Alice Ann Daily and my mentor, Larry Lane worked through the Physical Mind Institute to assist in my completion of this first level of certification in Pilates. Since opening the Center at Walnut Grove in 1996 many great teachers have passed through the doors sharing remarkable information and certifications in multiple physical mind disciplines. Each year has brought further certifications and development of myself and past staff. Today our main focus is still in Pilates but with the addition of equiBALANCE as a logical segue to combine the equestrian aspects of a Pilates center on a horse farm and with my husband, Shawn Ricci’s total focus and training in equestrian vaulting. We are looking forward to seeing where this process will take us and are more than willing to share the work and values of a balanced smooth transition from “on the ground to on the horse”.

The Center at Walnut Grove also offers pilates weekly. Please contact Karen Waldron for more information.

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Developing balance, centering, endurance, flexibility and strength for riders and drivers of all disciplines.Offered through classes,workshops and individual sessions.

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Pilates is a way of life. It’s a fusion of mind and body.

Pilates is a beautiful way to tune your mind and your body. The quality of movement is more important than quantity of repetitions. Through proper breathing we learn to move with power and efficiency with little stress. This will assist in correct spinal/pelvic alignment as you concentrate on smooth, flowing movement.

The patterns of Pilates exercises allows each student to modify according to their physical ability and range of motion. Whether practicing on mat, standing or apparatus the exercises range from beginner to advanced with an increase in intensity as your body strengthens. With time and practice you attain body awareness, good posture with graceful movement.

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Bent Tree Farm - World Champion Hackney Ponies

Raising, developing and showing the premier Hackney Ponies, horses, and Friesians is the focus for Bent Tree Farm. Owner, Karen Waldron, travels the country and Canada competing against the best of these in all divisions. Karen's dedication and strength of her supporting and talented staff have earned many World's Grand Champion titles since 1975.

Bent Tree Farm has a talented selection of Hackney Ponies suitable for the first time owner or experienced equestrian. Staff and sub contract trainers are currently available by recommendation from Bent Tree Farm to help you get in the ring. Locations include Virginia, Kentucky and Canada.

Bent Tree Farm stands the World's Grand Champion Harness Pony stallions Par Excellence and Night Editor as well as Par Excellence's full younger sibling, Overnight Success. This stunning young stallion may be seen on the farm in Virginia.

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